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Steele/Rose Wedding Anniversary September 23

Tellico Yacht Club, Loudon, TN

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Amelia and Steve just celebrated their first anniversary!

The wedding and reception were held at Tellico Yacht Club in Loudon. The club is situated on the water with a wonderful view, and Amelia had planned a romantic ceremony on the water. Unfortunately, the weather that afternoon didn't cooperate. Instead, the ceremony was held inside, but we did get out for a few photos after the rain stopped.

The bridesmaids wore beautiful charmeuse dresses in various fall colors. The fall theme also carried over into the flowers and table decorations. Being big vol fans, the couple also found ways to incorporate orange into the wedding.

Brian Graham Entertainment kept everyone dancing. He had also interviewed Amelia & Steve prior to the wedding and shared their story with the guests at the reception. There were tears and laughter and then a few sparklers to see the couple off.

Steele/Rose Wedding Anniversary September 23

Steele/Rose Wedding Anniversary September 23

Steele/Rose Wedding Anniversary September 23

Steele/Rose Wedding Anniversary September 23
Steele/Rose Wedding Anniversary September 23
Steele/Rose Wedding Anniversary September 23
Steele/Rose Wedding Anniversary September 23

The engagement photos were done in a location very near and dear to the couple - The University of Tennessee's Neyland Stadium.

Steele/Rose Wedding Anniversary September 23

1/10/2008 10:27:52 PM
I googled UT weddings and your page of the wedding pictures and story was the first link I clicked on. My fiance, Mike, and I are getting married next year in Outer Banks, NC. We live in TN so we too (especially him, he's a high school football and assistant basketball coach) are major UT fans. I had reds, oranges, and yellows as the colors for the beach wedding, but not even 4 hours ago did I say to Mike, ''But I want things you've picked out to be seen too.'' He said he'd do the cloth napkins (why? he said it'd be less pressure, lol). Somehow though it turned into him changing the wedding colors to orange and white. I argued it for a minute of course, knowing where he was going with it, and refused completely, but then realized the colors are pretty easy to work with. He had me convinced, so I agreed. He had to coach a basketball game tonight, so I've been looking online at ways to use orange in weddings all night. I abolutely adore the picture of you two in Neyland Stadium. Props to person whose idea that was. It's adorable. Thanks for the inspiration!!!
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