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Woods/Moerman Wedding March 15

Chattanooga, TN

Wednesday, March 19, 2008
I don't know if it's more a reflection of the actual wedding or of my particular mood on the day, but for some reason some weddings just stand out. Saturday's wedding was one of those weddings where the love and happiness are contagious, and you leave feeling that everything is good in the world.

Saturday wasn't the driest day for a wedding, but Jessica and Chris didn't let it dampen their spirits. Imagine the exact opposite of a demanding, stressed-out bridezilla, and you would have Jessica. She was so relaxed and sweet the entire day. She was truly a radiant, glowing bride, and I am so excited for her and Chris to have found each other and be starting their life together.

The afternoon ceremony was held at Patten Chapel, a charming old chapel with wooden pews, stained glass, and high ceilings on the University of Tennessee campus in Chattanooga. The people involved were all extremely nice and helpful, and I think it's a great ceremony venue. During the ceremony, the clouds let loose, and you could hear how hard the rain was coming down on the roof. However, just when the ceremony ended, the rain cleared up enough for a fun petal exit outside.

Chris and Jessica did meet before the ceremony and do all of the formal photos. The ceremony featured a sand ceremony and music from the couple's family and friends, some of the best music I've ever heard at a wedding. They really have some talented friends!

The reception was held at Niko's Southside Grill. We didn't try the food, but everything looked wonderful. Afterward, Marcus and I coincidentally stopped for dinner at a Greek restaurant (the Acropolis) outside of town and were told by our server that the two restaurants are run by the same family.        

Jessica's mother helped attach her veil
Woods/Moerman Wedding March 15
some candid moments in the "getting ready" room

Woods/Moerman Wedding March 15

these are hard to really appreciate at this size, but the church was beautiful inside

Woods/Moerman Wedding March 15

the happy couple... just before being pelted by huge rain drops!
Woods/Moerman Wedding March 15
Jessica & Chris had their private meeting in this covered breezeway

Woods/Moerman Wedding March 15

a traditional portrait to show off her gorgeous gown and a fun shot of the exit

Woods/Moerman Wedding March 15

Jessica and some of her school friends... they came prepared for anything

Woods/Moerman Wedding March 15

Woods/Moerman Wedding March 15
3/20/2008 8:01:20 PM
Hey Nancy! Your photos are so beautiful! I love the portrait of the bride in front of the big door - so dramatic and lovely! Hope you are doing well!
3/21/2008 12:19:39 PM
Beautiful work as always! I love these, the interior church shot is one of my favorites.
3/23/2008 9:22:31 AM
The pic of them in the archway with the beautiful contrast of the sky, the burgeoning spring bushes and the stark lines of the yet-to-return from dormancy tree is just gorgeous. Love it.
3/28/2008 12:38:49 AM
nancy! hope you are doing well! i LOVE the exit shot!! great capture, girl!
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